Monday, May 16, 2011

Succulent Window Box: Inspirations!

Our front yard design just isn't complete without a garden box in front of our lonely window. Right now, it looks just like this:

Pretty lonely and lame! (And I need some new shutters!) We do have quite a few cuttings from friends and family that I'm sure will look fabulous in the box, so I've got to go put my creative hat on now!

In any case, I still wanted some creative inspiration. So, I scoured the internet and came across these gorgeous photos:

I'm sure it's part photography skills that makes this photo a stunner, but the combination of zwartkop aeoniums, blue senecio and bright green aeoniums makes this a colorful delight. I'm sure even without Photoshop, this design would be breathtaking in person.

I particularly love how this one turned out. It looks like it is one of those half-oval iron baskets you can purchase at Home Depot. With a good helping of sphagnum moss, you can plant into the sides of your window box for a real Earthy look. I do love how that heavy echeveria is hanging out of the bottom. To me, it gives the basket a floating feel.


I don't know about you, but I took a great big gulp at the sight of these! I mean, look at this one! The way the senecio just drapes down over that wall? It's epic and so lush! The blue is just beautiful against the green. It's amazing how simple it is but it can makes such a great statement.

So, with inspirations like these, I'm pumped up to give it a try...

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