Sunday, March 18, 2012

Vertical Succulent Frame - Hanging it up! pt 3

This project was started in October of 2011.  The vertical succulent frames are finally ready to hang. Below are some photos of how I arranged our frames in our courtyard. The stark white frame color contrasts well against the warm grey color of the wall.

Below the frames, I placed a plant bench that I made and placed a few of our potted succulents for display. Enjoy!!
The frame I talked about in my two previous posts now hangs on the left. The one on the right is one my wife designed.
I drilled a piece of cement board to the back of the frame on the left. The frame on the right holds the cement board in a "rabbit" groove I created with a router. See my previous vertical succulent frame posts for details.
A wider view...

Vertical Succulent Frame #1
Vertical Succulent Frame #2
Between the frames on the table, we have an awesome wooden fish planter. Inside I am trying to recreate an aquatic theme in the arrangement. The plant in the red pot inside the fish is called Faucaria Tigrina or "Tiger's Jaws." Behind it are "Sticks on Fire." Next to it is a large seashell arrangement given to my wife as a birthday gift. Inside the seashell, the tall red plant is called, stapelia.
In the largest pot on the left, we have sempervivum tectorums.
This plant came to me from my aunt. It is called Ledebouria socialis.  I repotted it into this bonsai tray and covered the soil with crushed red volcanic rock.

This round orange pot holds a single Echeveria Afterglow. The soil topping is California gold gravel with Ogon succulent ground cover.  I placed a round stone in the pot on the right side to create a subtle contrast.
Our courtyard is a cozy hang-out now! For the floor, I'm considering using a warm earth-toned concrete paint to finish it off in the future.
Thanks for reading and for sticking with these updates! :)

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