Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dad's Collection

Dad had LOTS of plants! Euphorbias, cacti, traditional Bonsai trees, and even common nursery plants. Look at the amazing purple wisteria Bonsai! This was home to me for so many years until I moved out at the end of 1999. I don't ever remember a struggling plant. Home was always green, lush, and healthy. It was a mystery to me how he did it because I had no hand in it. It's funny because back when I was still living with my parents, I didn't know the names of the plants and now that I bought some for our own house it appears that we have the same tastes. I acquired many of the same kinds of plants my Dad had coincidentally. The only plant that I bought that I knew my Dad had was Old Man Cactus. I believe he had Old Man of the Mountains cactus, while I preferred Old Man of the Andes.

To the right with orange sticks on top is a tree form of Euphorbia tirucalli, related to the smaller sticks on fire shrub but this form will grow into a big and tall 15-20ft. tree if put into the ground. It is more green than sticks on fire also. Heat will make the sticks turn orange. On the left with the red flowers is Euphorbia Milii (Crown of thorns). Euphorbias will ooze a milky sap called latex when it is punctured or cut and that liquid is poisonous so don't eat it or rub it into your eyes.

Dad had plants I don't even know about.

Purple was Mom's favorite color.

Me and Dad. To the left in the back is Golden Bamboo. Between us is a Euphorbia Lambii. You can only see the top of it. To the right of the red leafed plant in the back is an Aloe plicatilis (fan aloe)

Look at the size of this beautiful Wisteria Bonsai!

This is called a Beaucarnea recurvata (bottle palm)

Growing up in this environment must have subliminally influenced my own interest and certainly gave me the seed of inspiration to create my own garden.

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