Saturday, April 7, 2012

Grigsby Cactus Gardens review

Grigsby Cactus Gardens is located in Vista, California.  This is my favorite place to buy desert plants.  The prices are very affordable and you can get stuff that you will never find at Home Depot. The staff is friendly and helpful.

They plant stuff into the ground at this nursery!

Cyphostemma Juttae (Desert Grape)

No you can't eat these grapes!

There is a "cash and carry" section where you can buy big established specimens (in a pot) for a very good price.

This is one scaly plant.

Golden barrel with cleistocactus in the back.

Two dragon's blood trees.  These are one of my favorite trees and are probably really old.

This looks like a shrub at first but it's actually large clumps of Euphorbia Resinifera.

Bottled palm (beaucarnea recurvata) planted in the ground.  These caudiciforms (fat plants) have an awesome trunk that retains a lot of water.

This is a growing area.  There are a lot of growing areas actually, so you can't always buy everything that you see.  I'm not certain what they are saving it for.  Nevertheless, your selection is still very large.

Desert bonsai materials are very attractive for those of us who want to water less.

Then there are small plants you just can't resist because they are so unique!

We call this the brain cactus.

These spines look like stars.

How can you say no to a cactus with a red cap?

 This one is a show stopper with it's dense and compact spines and bright red color.

This one has nice leaves.

My wife said one of these totem poles looks like kermit the frog.

This mamillaria has a perfect crown of flowers!

This photo shows you how much pumice you need to use for desert plants soil mix.  Lots!  I would guess 60-70% pumice, with 30-40% cactus mix.  Their webpage is very simple but you can buy plants online and they will be happy to ship it to you.  I love this nursery for acquiring great plant material.  :)

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