Monday, July 4, 2011

Plants in Shades of Purple

I love purple. It's sickening how much I love purple. (It's almost as bad as how much I love pink.) Right now, we're in the tail end of spring here in Southern California and many of our favorite plants are happy and in bloom. So while tending to the plants in the courtyard today, I realized how much PURPLE there is and I just had to snap a few photos to share. :)

Spanish Lavender - Of course, this is a no-brainer given its namesake. This stunning plant has pretty medium purple colored flowers. We keep them in a container at our gate and they have been thriving well. This particular type is a kind of Spanish Lavender which has a pineapple shaped flower.

Fuschias - The pink and purple variety is my favorite! Seeing the outer petals lift to reveal the deep purple interiors is breath-taking.

Pearle Von Neuremburg - This lovely echeveria is famous for its lavender and pink pastel tones. I'm certainly a fan.

Iresine "Blood Leaf" - It has bright tones of magenta interlacing with rich purple tones on the leaves. This particular photo shows it more of a jewel red, but in person, it's definitely more purple to me. In cool climates, they should be grown in a house or greenhouse, or they may be planted outside during the summer and brought in before frost. They should be grown in two-thirds loam, one-third leaf mold or peat moss and decayed manure. Water them abundantly while they are growing actively, otherwise moderately. Pinch the young growing tips to encourage bushiness.
Tradescantia 'Purple Sabre' - This plant with deep purple foliage has pretty tri-petaled flowers which popped up this weekend for us. This fun plant is great in full-sun or in partial shade with good drainage. I adore it and I'm still finding a place for it.

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